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Leader Communications is devoted to providing state of the art technical solutions and delivers outstanding professional services such as engineering, installation, maintenance, design, and site audits while continuing to exceed our customers' expectations.

Our staff has decades of experience in microwave communications, R.F. telecommunications, paging, D.C. power systems, alternative energy, fixed point to point backhauling, cellular communications, tower construction and maintenance, thorough site audits, wireless networking, computing hardware repair and maintenance, as well as advanced grounding.

We currently provide wireless network services to over 900 clients in North Idaho and are rapidly growing. Previous work has been done for the following agencies: Forest Service, Benewah County law enforcement, Search and Rescue, AT&T wireless, The City of St. Maries, fire departments, Bureau of Land Management, and broadcast stations throughout North Idaho and Eastern Washington, just to name a few.

Core management of Leader Communications consists of Jason Frawley, Owner; Theresa Caponi, Accounting and Payroll, Ryan Petersen, Wireless Technician. Leader Communications has a complete and comprehensive background in communication systems from engineering, component level repairs, construction, radio technicians and site design. Our staff expertise in tower work, microwave communications, two-way radio, bi-directional amplifiers, and general telecommunications of all kinds will not only provide a solution but deliver it with excellence. Leader delivers and offers all of our services not only to individuals but enterprises and corporations of all sizes and magnitudes. Our expertise in wireless technologies and integration of applications and infrastructure, voice and data technologies, consulting and technical services will surely surpass all the expectations of our current and future clients and customers.

The staff at Leader Communications offers an endless range of professional and technical services with a specially assembled team of experts. With our industry expertise and in-depth knowledge of communications and personal relations with our customers we will deliver a solution that contains a personal touch. We have helped and continue to provide our services to a number of agencies of all sizes and make informed choices that will meet our customers' needs and exceed all their technology objectives. With our focus on customer service, knowledgeable staff, and simply being the leader in communications, we continue to achieve success by having a large number of satisfied customers and invite you to experience the same service with us.

Safety should always be number one in any company; however, we take it to another level, it's simply a MUST. With trained personnel in First Aid, CPR, and the use of defibulators, our job sites are safe, clean, and inspected on a regular basis. Leader meets and exceeds all OSHA, FCC and NEC regulations. This is to assure we provide not only a high quality service but so we can continue to provide a level of service that is both safe and reliable. Leader maintains and has a ZERO tolerance for drug, alcohol, and synthetic use. Our safety record of no fatalities or injuries is sure to stay consistent. No employee has had to take a leave of absence because of a work related injury. Our commitment for a safe place of business is our mandatory requirement regardless of the job site.

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