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Understanding your invoice
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Your due date is actually for the month of service you are paying for and will always be on the 13th or the 1st depending on your market.
The type of service or product you are paying for
We send out our invoices on the 14th of each month, which is 2 weeks prior to the month of service you are actually paying for. Then you have until the 13th or the 1st of the following month to pay depending on your market. If you are a recurring automatic payment customer your credit/debit card will automatically be debited/charged on the 14th or 10th of each month for the month in which the payment will be applied towards, depending on your market
The invoice date is the date the invoice is generated and the due date will always be the 13th or the 1st of the next month depending on your market, giving you about 30 days to make a payment
Late Payment fees will apply if full amount is not paid by the DUE date