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Acceptable Use and Abuse Policy

Revision 7 August, 2016

This document represents the complete agreement between Leader Communications (LC) and its customers. This agreement
supersedes any other written or oral agreement between the customer and Leader Communications. Changes may be made at any
time by Leader Communications. All stipulations will apply to all users of Leader Communications services. If you use LC services,
you are agreeing to these terms there after.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please notify our office at 208-245-8400 so we can close your account.

1101 Provision of services

1101.1 LC will provide to the account holder internet services in exchange for payment and the acceptance of this policy. These
network services are to include wireless access to LC access points, the LC email server, the LC DNS server and a gateway to the
internet. LC will not be held liable for losses incurred due to scheduled or unplanned outages with wireless services or email services.

1101.2 The customer is entirely responsible for providing a PC or other computing device to access the services, any network
adaptors needed, and all other required equipment to provide a transmission medium to the wireless equipment.

1101.3 LC cannot guarantee the functionality and interoperability of networking equipment provided by the account holder with LC

1101.4 Without a service level agreement, LC will only be able to provide services with their best efforts and current reliability
standards and methods; There are several factors that may affect the services LC offers and there shall be no guarantee or promise
of throughput or reliability. LC will strive to provide the best service possible based on customer usage and network topology.

1101.5 LC services will provide access to public accessible pages and resources on and throughout the internet. It is understood that
there is information including but not limited to adult language, adult content, adult topics and at times illegal information that is not
intended for anyone to see or download. Parents and Legal Guardians are completely responsible for any and all filtering and/or
restrictions to online resources while using LC services and LC is not to be responsible for these actions. There are numerous
software applications and hardware devices available to help restrict these objectionable sites and it is entirely up to the customer to
setup and provide these applications and hardware. LC does not recommend or prefer the use of any one company, but each
customer shall consider all reviews and create their own expectations of functionality.

1101.6 LC does prioritize and use “QOS” to deliver dedicated access to the most commonly used resources on the internet as well as
on our local network on ALL accounts. With the current operations of the internet, there will be at times some particular online
services that are not accessible outside of LC’s control. If it is determined that certain restrictions beyond reasonable measures are
impairing the access to some online resources, then LC will make attempts to locate and repair the issue(s).If the nature of the
impairment is determined to be located within LC’s network, LC will make a reasonable attempt to fix the issue; however, if the cause
of the disruption is found to be outside of LC’s control, then the responsibility is with the customer to contact the directors or support
team of the resource that does not appear to be functional.

1101.7 LC does not and will not provide any censorship for any information sent or received over our networks unless such information
is considered and found to be illegal in nature. Examples of such information would be: fraud, child pornography, hacking, cracking,
spamming, virus distribution, pyramid scheme distribution or solicitation, and un-authorized access to online databases, servers, or
computers. The previous examples are not all that will be tailored but merely a representation of such crimes. LC is required to provide
any and all information deemed necessary to authorized legal authorities in the event of an investigation.

1101.8 LC shall only access personal and private information on email accounts held with LC in the event of trouble shooting particular
issues, and may monitor network traffic to and from each customer in the event there are email server inconsistencies or issues,
network troubles, and at all times when required by law. LC will take strong measures to assure the validity of the identity of our
customers by using phone number call back, password verification for cancellations, and many other possible changes with the
service provided.

2101 Use of Services

2101.1 The customer understands and thoroughly accepts the fact that LC will cancel any and all accounts with LC in the event they
do not abide by this POLICY. Each customer is fully responsible for all users of their computers and networks including use of
wireless routers.

2101.2 As noted in section 1101.6, the policies in this document are for the mere benefit of all customers and shall provide a fair and
evenly distributed service to all customers to retain a respectable quality of service.

2101.3 LC accounts are created for each customer using a first and last name, this person is deemed the account holder. Under no
circumstances shall the account holder allow his/her service to be shared with other companies or individuals except within their own
home or business and shall not exceed 8 users within a household or business (range of less than 100 feet). LC will, for additional
charges, provide email accounts to individuals if needed. At no time shall a customer attempt to use their authentication credentials
on the network from more than ONE location.

2101.4 LC customers at NO time shall run any form of a server from their connection; this includes but is not limited to HTTP, FTP,
IRC, HTTPS, and GAMING service. Special considerations may be authorized for the use of a server on LC’s network and shall be
done so in writing on a per customer basis.

2101.5 LC customers shall not use LC services to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks at ANY time. If a
customer is caught sniffing, port scanning, using another user’s password, or executing any program that may reveal security holes
and pertinent sensitive information, the account will be closed immediately and you will not be allowed to use LC services again.

2101.6 LC customers shall not send unsolicited advertising or promotional materials to any other Internet users or customers. Email
and certain newsgroups may only be used when done so for legitimate business purposes.

2101.7 The customer agrees to never, under any circumstances, post messages to newsgroups, mailing lists, or similar public forums
if any of the forums reference to subjects not directly related to the primary topic of the posting or if the posting would be considered
objectionable or inappropriate for any other reason. This applies to all forums, business related or not.

2101.8 Cross-posting and spamming is NOT allowed on the LC network and is NOT considered proper usage of LC services.

2101.9 If the customer attempts to bypass any restrictions or redirects placed on their service which is used to enforce a particular
type of service to the customer the account will be closed. More closely defined as TOS and Abuse (Theft of Services) and is
punishable by law.

2101.10 Any use of LC system resources that disrupts the normal use of the system for other LC customers is considered to be
abuse of system resources and the account will be closed and service will be de-activated.

2101.11 Shall a customer’s access and services be placed on hold or cancelled because of abuse it may be possible to have those
conditions lifted only upon discussion with LC employees and verification that it was NOT intentional. Should the abuse be defined as
intentional then there will be no restoration of services.

3101 Billing

3101.1 Depending on payment arrangements made and agreed with LC, you will receive your monthly invoice either by postal mail or at
times via e-email. Statements are sent monthly, with the exception of some users who are part-time residents to the area. LC charges
for the service being available to the customer and not on how much the customer uses the service. Until written or verbal notice is
received (to be verified and noted), the account will continue to accrue charges and fees. Should your account become more than 15
days past due, your account will be cancelled. Should you require a re-activation of your account (email addresses may no longer be
available depending on length of cancellation time) there will be a reconnect fee of $25.00. Cancelled accounts may receive a refund
for the portion of the month in which was previously paid but is no longer going to be available. Refunds will only be granted if greater
than $25.00. At our discretion we may pro-rate monthly service. Late fees will be applied to delinquent accounts at a rate of 3% per month.

Company/System Abuse Policy

The definitions of abuse below are used to express that abuse is prohibited and all actions necessary will be taken to rectify the
matter. Leader Communications will terminate the customer’s service immediately and the customer will be charged for any resulting
support charges. Below are actions that are defined to be Company/System Abuse and are not limited to:

Attempting to interfere with or prohibit service to users on the network or on the Internet;
Tampering with or changing e-mail or newsgroup header information;

The sending of unsolicited e-mail messages ("junk mail");

Harassment, either through language, frequency, or size of messages;

Using another provider’s service to post abusive content pertaining to Leader Communications;

The use of any other service or email account to receive and/or forward messages on, which does not comply with the above and
below abuse definitions, or is in violation of the other provider's policies;

Adding or attempting to add e-mail addresses, that are not assigned to you, on to other mailing lists without the expressed written
consent of the addressee;

Attempting to bypass user authentication or security of any kind on the network or with an account on Leader Communication’s
system or anywhere else on the Internet as a whole;

Multiple forwarding of “Chain Letters” or posting of;

Attempts to remove, change, or tamper with e-mail or newsgroup posts other than your own;

The re-selling or sharing of Leader Communication’s services to any other party that is out of compliance with these abuse rules as
well as the Acceptable Use Policy guidelines;

Accepting funds for or receiving recognition by the use of Leader Communication’s name, logo, slogan, mission statement,
webpage(s) or service is considered unlawful and prosecution will be used to its full extent.

Under no circumstances shall a LC customer allow any competitive company to install ANY wireless equipment on their home, shop, or property. This equipment may cause interference to our equipment and should not be allowed. IF this happens, legal action will be taken to protect Leader Communications services and contracts. All contracts pending with other parties shall be deemed null and void until all parties can review pending modifications and come to an agreement with Leader Communications and the property owner.

In the event of hardware malfunction, replacement equipment will be handled with the following conditions:

-Within first 30 days: All parts and labor are covered-After 30 days but within one year of installation: Wireless radio to be repaired by Leader Communications, customer cabling to be billed $65 per hour, any other equipment provided by Leader Communications and sold to the customer shall be replaced by customer or pay Leader Communications to replace/repair defective equipment. Customer is to provide or purchase a surge protector for the power connection. If Leader equipment is not plugged into a surge protected outlet and the radio fails for any reason, the customer will need to pay for a replacement radio. If customer lives outside of St. Maries city limits, there will be a minimum $32.50 mobilization fee to troubleshoot any connection, unless we determine our equipment failed even though plugged into a surge protected outlet. This also includes any time we have to go on-site to determine if trees have grown in the way of your connection. Leader Communications retains ownership of 1) Wireless radio (CPE), 2) antenna mount, 3) Power over Ethernet adapter (POE) and must be returned to Leader Communications should you discontinue service. $250.00 Penalty if not returned within 7 days of termination. Customer agrees to pay for all equipment and labor provided by Leader Communications at the time of delivery / installation. We gladly accept hardware for return within 14 days of purchase. Receipt and original packaging must accompany return product.

Customer Referral discounts available, please contact our office for more information.

For a current copy of this agreement please contact Leader Communications